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Take That (1991-1996) [7]
Информация от Take That c основания группы в 1991 до ее распада в 1996 году
Jason Orange [3]
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Take That (с 2006) [28]
Информация о группе Take That после их воссоединения в 2006 году
Robbie Williams [23]
Все о Робби Уильямсе
Gary Barlow [8]
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Mark Owen [3]
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Главная » Статьи » Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow rules out replacing Simon Cowell on The X Factor
The move follows claims that the Take That frontman is just ‘days away’ from signing up to replace Simon Cowell on the British version of the hit show after Williams rejected a deal because he doesn’t want the publicity.
Gary Barlow denies X Factor rumours (PA) Gary Barlow denies X Factor rumours (PA)

‘Gary had initially snubbed talks after hearing Robbie wanted the job. But when he turned it down, Gary let it be known he was definitely interested,’ a source said.

‘The show bosses are really keen on Gary – they know he is highly knowledgeable about music and probably more reliable than Robbie.’

The insider told Star magazine: ‘They know it won’t become ‘‘The Gary Show’’, which was always the danger with Rob’.

However, the 40-year-old’s camp insisted the claims were ‘not true’.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Jessica Simpson has said she’s up for spoiling Cheryl Cole’s dream of becoming a US X Factor judge.

But Cowell says they are no closer to agreeing the line-up.

Источник: http://www.metro.co.uk/tv/859350-gary-barlow-rules-out-replacing-simon-cowell-on-the-x-factor#ixzz1HvhMceAo

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