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Take That (1991-1996) [7]
Информация от Take That c основания группы в 1991 до ее распада в 1996 году
Jason Orange [3]
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Take That (с 2006) [28]
Информация о группе Take That после их воссоединения в 2006 году
Robbie Williams [23]
Все о Робби Уильямсе
Gary Barlow [8]
Все о Гари Барлоу
Mark Owen [3]
Все о Марке Оуэне
Howard Donald [3]
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Crazy for you: Take That's Gary Barlow persuades fellow 1990s 'boyband' Let Loose to get back together
They were best known for their huge 1994 hit 'Crazy For You' - and Take That star Gary Barlow proved just how 'crazy' he is for his former contemporaries by ordering that boyband Let Loose to get back together.

Back in May 2008, Gary revealed that he wanted them to reform and support Take That on tour as his reunited man band go from strength to strength.

And now, Gary's wish is their command. Drummer Lee Murray and singer and Richie Wermerling are back together and playing their first gig in more than 15 years this month with comeback single Paint It In Gold due out next month.
Back again by special request: Lee Murray, left, and Richie Wermerling, right, have reunited Let Loose at Gary Barlow's behest

Back again by special request: Lee Murray, left, and Richie Wermerling, right, have reunited Let Loose at Gary Barlow's behest

The pair, who were guest stars on BBC1's National Lottery show on Wednesday, also revealed to host Scott Mills that they'd also sent their comeback single to Gary - and the star had given it a massive thumbs up.

And Let Loose, who had a No. 2 hit with Crazy For You, as well as a string of other hits including Seventeen, Best In Me and One Night Stand, will be debuting new material along with old favourites on March 17 at London's trendy 93ft East backed with a full band.

'I stayed in music doing session work and tour management and whatnot, as well as writing music for TV and film, and we thought, "dare we start again?"

'We always got on really well with them (Take That), and Gary always really liked us. They were really nice guys.'
Back for good? Let Loose told Scott Mills on BBC 1's National Lottery show on Wednesday that Paint It In Gold would be their new single

Back for good? Let Loose told Scott Mills on BBC 1's National Lottery show on Wednesday that Paint It In Gold would be their new single

Lee, 39, who has spent his time since Let Loose split in 1996 working in management looking after the likes of models Keeley Hazell and Kelly Brook, picks up the story: 'After hearing about what he'd said, I emailed Gary Barlow and said look, we've got some new songs, and I played him the new stuff.

'He really liked Paint It In Gold and said he'd like to help us out, so that's why we got back together. If anyone's got an appetite to hear what we've got, bring it on.'

However, Richie warned that anyone expecting their new material to just be a repeat of their old Nineties sound would be in for a surprise.

He explained: 'Our sound is much more mature and a little bit more rocky, but still with that pop edge.

'We were never really a boyband, lumped in with E17 and whatnot. I hated that term and I never understood it. We were never dancers, we were musicians and songwriters. That was our angle, but it was quite unfashionable at the time.

'We'll just have to see what people think now.'

Lee continued: 'It was hard in the Nineties keeping on message that we were songwriters and we played instruments. I don't think the record company knew where to pitch us in the end. The climate was very boyband, but we played live and were quite rocky.

'Now, it's different. As long as you come out with really good songs, that's it.'

The band added that they had also recorded a version of British band Talk Talk's epic 1985 hit Life's What You Make It which was getting a good reaction from industry insiders.

However, despite still being good friends, former guitarist Rob Jeffrey has opted out of joining them this time round.

But Richie and Lee said they had no real game plan and were just going to enjoy the ride and see what happened.

They also insisted that they hadn't been inspired by the likes of Blue, who have just got back together to sing Britian's Eurovision Song Contest entry this year.

Richie insisted: 'We're not really planning any of this, we're just seeing what happens. We're not saying we want to be ginormous again or jumping on the bandwagon, because if we were doing that, we'd have done that years ago.

'But since we announced this gig, it's just kind of snowballed - We're going to do this gig, look for some other things and we'll just go with it.'

Lee added that they'd already been thrilled to see that there was still an appetite out there for them too.

He enthused: 'There's still interest out there, we've still got our fans and it's all started building up virally on Facebook and things like that. A lot of them you recognise from years ago, and they're all grown up now with children, just like us.

'They've been very loyal. Some are coming from Germany, Denmark, there's huge support for us which is just great.'

But Richie said neither of them were getting carried away and were remaining realistic, though hopeful.

He mused: 'We're both doing our own things apart from this, so it won't be the end of the world if it doesn't work. But obviously, we'd love the new stuff to be success as it's bloody well rocking and powerful.'

Lee concurred, saying: 'I've got kids now, and there's a couple of tunes that they like, I mean, they love the Talk Talk cover and they're quite excited about it, which is really nice. I just hope I don't embarrass them.

Lee concludes: 'Hopefully, people will like our songs enough this time round too as we believe in them. You've got to write stuff that you like. We're just going to put it out there and keep our fingers crossed.'

Источник: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1363336/Take-Thats-Gary-Barlow-gets-fellow-1990s-boyband-Let-Loose-together

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