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Take That (1991-1996) [7]
Информация от Take That c основания группы в 1991 до ее распада в 1996 году
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Информация о группе Take That после их воссоединения в 2006 году
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Интервью Ховарда для немецкого GALA
I am not cool after all!

Says Take That singer and DJ Howard Donald about himself.

The party scene in Berlin-Mitte is not the easiest to please. The attitude is too snotty and self-reliant. In fact they think that the best parties in the world are taking place in some of the capital´s backyards. Well. On this Friday evening the atmosphere in the rather unglamerous „Münzclub“, site of the shop-opening-event of the Drykorn label, is hot. And that is because of Howard Donald, better known as Howie from Take That. Full-time singer of the boyband, he additionally spins the discs. Howie is not only the coolest member of the band because of this sideline job. His look proves that he knows about style and masters the art of expressing his personality with the right clothes.

Several weeks later: Howie is on the phone in the car. In the background a computer voice tells the driver to take the second exit in the roundabout. Even better: This way Howie can concentrate on our interview.

Howie, one can envie you.

Really, why?

DJs are generally knows as incredible cool guys.

I tell you something. I am not cool at all at my gigs. When I start in the evening, I am extremely nervous. You never know which music works with the audience.

Is your outfit important in the club?

Definitely. It has to be practical, that´s the most important thing for me. I have to feel comfortable.

The onion-look is perfect for that. You can always take something off. What does your look tell us about you?

(laughs) That I don´t have a look.

You don´t come across as boring

If you think so....My look definitely states that I hate labels. I don´t like it when one recognizes what I am wearing. I am not a fashion- victom, like so many women.

All men say that – and then they surf in the internet in the evening and search for strictly limited sneakers from Japan.

No, I´m not like that. Jeans, converse, well-fitted shirts, that´s perfect. I don´t like to wear a tie. That reminds me of my school days. I was so bad in adjusting my tie that I was always wearing ties which I could button. But of course: If it is a spezial event, one should dress more elegantly.

Do you have a killer outfit for dates?

No. I come in jeans and sweater.

And what should women wear for a date?

Something comfortable

Well, forget about comfort now. Women should look sexy every now and then. What is sexy?

Very difficult question. I think that boots are pretty hot. And underwear of course. This should be very tight fitted and very, very small.

Ok then. And when we are talking like this: Which piece of clothing in your wardrobe is the most embarrassing?

I won´t tell you.

Oh, c´mon. Nobody is reading this....

There is quite a lot. For example there is this completely colourful biker jacket. That is pretty horrible. Ant I have underwear with rhinestones at the waistband. We were wearing that at the beginning of our career. When we were young and desperate...

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