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Главная » Статьи » Mark Owen

Chloe Bailey рассказывает об отношениях с Марком
TAKE THAT idol Mark Owen told lover Chloe Bailey ‘Relight My Fire'— up to six times a day in a series of 10-hour sex marathons.

Chloe's body was his only desire for two years as he shunned the limelight for the good life in the Lake District.

"There were days when we never got out of bed," revealed the stunning actress. "We would make love endlessly, up to six times."

For some guys— in the words of Take That—It Only Takes A Minute, but Chloe, 27, said: "We'd be there for ten hours.

"He was a fantastic lover. He had a wonderful body.

"He may seem the smallest of the guys from Take That but he was very muscly and athletic.

"The only exercise he ever did then was have sex with me and we did it so often it kept him in perfect shape," she told a friend. But it was more than just a physical attraction. Chloe said: "We were so in love we didn't want anybody else. It was pure bliss."

The couple were together for two years during Mark's wilderness years after the original Take That split.

He grew long hair and a beard and lived the life of a recluse with Chloe, hiding away in his country mansion.

But it all came crashing down after he went on Celebrity Big Brother, rebuilt his career and reformed the band.

"He chose fame over me," said Chloe, left. "He dumped me and wrecked my life.

"We had planned to spend the rest of our days together. We would have got married. Suddenly it was over. He ended it."

She has never spoken of the years she shared with Mark, 35.

The couple met in 2000 when Mark was on one of his rare visits to London.

She was working in the trendy Met Bar and he began chatting to her. His celebrity status had long since faded.

"He wasn't hugely famous then, just a wonderful sweet bloke," she told her pal. "I didn't have a clue who he was at first—he had long hair and a beard.

"But I fell in love with Mark within days of meeting him."


When the singer asked her to live with him in the Lake District she didn't hesitate. "I have never been more in love in my life and said Yes," Chloe confided in her pal.

She and Mark lived an idyllic life, walking, talking, listening to music ...and having lots of sex.

"We were madly in love. We didn't need anybody else. We could talk about anything. He is a really spiritual person who believes in karma and Buddhism.

"We would lock ourselves away in bed for the whole day doing what normal couples in love do. We couldn't keep our hands off each other.

"The manor had chandeliers, rustic tiled floors and an Aga—but nothing to hint at where the cash to buy it had come from. "There was no sign of Take That at all. No discs on the wall or anything," said Chloe.

"And Mark rarely saw or spoke of his old bandmates. He would play charity football with Jason Orange. But they never came around to the house. He didn't act like a star.

"Mark's only really annoying point was his obsession with cleaning. He was great around the house and would do the cooking, but as soon as you'd eaten a meal he would whisk your plate away and clean it. He did all the cleaning. He'd have it done before I even had chance to offer. He had this real paranoia about germs."

But the rest of their life was idyllic. "We hardly left the house. Sometimes I would go to London for castings or he would speak to record companies about securing a deal, but all we needed was each other. We would go shopping, potter around markets or go to antique shops," she told her friend. "We were blissfully happy."

All that changed when he went on Celebrity Big Brother in 2002. Mark, who releases single I'd Wait For Life with bandmates Jason Orange, Howard Donald and Gary Barlow later this month, changed overnight.

Chloe was there to welcome him the night he left the BB House. But she said: "The bubble burst. He enjoyed being famous. For the first time he started wanting to go to film premieres.

"He'd said in the house that he liked Lord Of The Rings so they sent tickets to the premiere. He even bought me a vintage dress to wear. I loved the dress, but realised his work was taking over."

When he got a record deal they started to spend more time apart. Chloe told her friend: "His focus had changed and then I got a play to do in London. For the first time we started to argue.


"It was a horrible, sad time." Finally the pair decided to split.Chloe told her friend: "I was devastated. I will never forget going back to the house to collect my stuff. I remember driving away and seeing him crying on the doorstep."

It took Chloe ages to get over the split. "Mark had put fame before me. It was hard to watch him on TV or listen to his music, I was too distraught."

He is now engaged to Emma Ferguson and they have a son, but still keeps in touch with Chloe.

She told the friend: "I wish him well. But looking back, I realise we could never have lived in that little world of just the two of us."


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Думаю надо и на русском языке эту статью сделать. (дабы не все владеют английским)

Ну уже три года прошло - у Марка с тех пор столько таких историй накопилось увы dry

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