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Главная » 2015 » Июль » 27 » Визуальные эффекты тура ТАКЕ ТНАТ 2015
Визуальные эффекты тура ТАКЕ ТНАТ 2015

Take That Tour Visuals 2015 from NorthHouse Films on Vimeo.

NorthHouse Produced the visuals for Take That's Live Tour 2015.
The show has many narratives running throughout, we wanted to compliment this with a concept that wraps everything together and immerses the audience in a completely surreal world for the duration. So, we built a Metropolis inspired floating city that sits high above the clouds, powered by a mechanical heart within a labyrinth of pipes that sit beneath the city's skewed buildings. Throughout the 130min show, we visit different areas of the city, taking a tour through a whole variation of scenes, looks and styles, incorporating a range of techniques from big 3D builds to intricate illustrative graphics, character animation to punchy motion graphics and pre-filmed footage.

Visuals Producer / Director: Tom Bairstow
Asst. Producer / Co-ordinator: Luke Moseley
Artist: Wael Chams
Artist: Nicolas Da Fonseca
Artist: Pete Moran
Artist: Darragh Mason
Artist: Lydia Cunnigham
Artist: Dolph Souza

Tour Production: TPO
Creative Director: Kim Gavin
Art Director: Misty Buckley
Props Director: Dan Shipton

Shoot Production:

Producer / Director: Tom Bairstow
1st AD: Luke Moseley
2nd AD: Andy Harvey
DoP: Don McVey
Cam Asst: Kieron Jansch
Prod Asst: Fred Donaghue

Photo Credits: Andrew Whitton
Music: Take That - I like it

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